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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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cres back from helping hu a 16-year-old loses his life in the nation's capital, everybody should be outraged. alison: outrage and pain,
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teenager. virginia task force one back from puerto rico just hours ago. >> ♪ star-spangled jonathan: another round of players taking a knee as the president takes another jab. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. jonathan: we began tracking maria. 16 people have been killed in puerto rico. survivors facing darkness as millions are without power. food and medicine in short supply. alison: there are still concerns about a dam breaking as tens of thousands abandoned their homes nearby. jonathan: virginia task force one was among those on the ground eating victims. they are back home landing just a few hours ago. alison: tim barber was at the homecoming. virginia rock stars, ta
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puerto rico to their biggest fans. their families. >> my one daughter who is 4 burst into tears and just wanted daddy home. tim: her husband was in puerto rico and houston. >> the wind was really the killer on this one. tim: hurricane maria is the most powerful storm to hit puerto rico in nearly a decade and families are still without power as a dam is on the brink of collapsing. >> who were able to find and evacuate people. tim: they help shore up the dams and board up homes, then look for signs of life in the rubble. >> they are making a real difference. is doingke my husband this stuff and it's easier to let him go. >> i'm extremely proud of him and the entire team, and i'm proud they were able to do this. tim: the family'ies
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are proud of their heroes. the admiration goes both ways. >> my wife is fantastic. i cannot do it without her. jonathan: members of maryland task force one arrived in puerto rico this afternoon and are performing searches and surveying damage. we will continue to follow their efforts on air and online at steve: we are looking at the latest -- my computer is going a little crazy. in terms of the hurricane, i can tell you that the hurricane right now is moving to the north at seven miles per hour and is going to move to the north the next couple days. the computer is acting up tonight, my friends. miles per winds at 80 hour with the storm, tracking the next 24 to 36 hours to the north. now we are back on track. max wind of 80 miles per hour, max wind gust of 100. the winds
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the storm continues to weaken as we move into the day tomorrow. it will be a tropical storm late tuesday night. then by late wednesday, it takes a sharp turn to the right, to the east, then out to sea. then the problems for the east coast are gone for stop we are still looking at beach erosion for the outer banks of north carolina and a little bit of erosion in ocean city, rehobeth, dewey beach, and bethany. cloud cover on the outer edge of the storm. the temperatures tomorrow in the lower 80's. we will talk about the local forecast in more detail, plus looking ahead to the upcoming weekend in just a few minutes. alison: steve, thank you very much. on the final matchup of the week, we saw a nfl players kneeling during the national anthem. almost all of them were linking arms and solidarity. the dallas cowboys owner jerry jones was among them. jonathan:
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president trump. the is doubling down on twitter. anna-lysa gayle joins us from the newsroom. anna-lysa: that's right, the president is standing by his stance on those who choose to deal during the football games, saying on twitter tremendous backlash against the nfl and players for the disrespect of our country. totallyeral john kelly agreed with my stance on the players, not disrespecting our flag or great country. hours later, the dallas cowboys were kneeling. some cheereded, monday night when the dallas cowboys locked arms with owner jerry jones while kneeling before the national anthem. the move comes after players from several other teams did the same. colin kaepernick was one of the first to take a knee. his reason? >>
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on that are unjust, and that is something that needs to change. anna-lysa: last week the president joined the conversation saying that owner should fire people who kneel during the national anthem. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners with somebody disrespects our flags say get that son of a [beep] off the field right now. anna-lysa: the white house spokesman it attempted to clarify the statement. >> this is not the president being against anyone. this is about the president and millions of americans being for honoring our flag and national anthem, honoring the men and women who fight to defend it. anna-lysa: as always, people are voicing their thoughts on twitter. one person saying, wow, for the very first time the cowboys have earned respect from other than hard-core fans. the dallas cowboys tweeted this picture showing one
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team united together. one person who was against it saying jerry jones and the dallas cowboys you are fired, americans boycott the nfl. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: does the controversy really impact ratings? it depends on who you ask. cbs says that its ratings are up 4% from last year. fox says they are down 15%. read much more on every side of the debate with a report at much more reaction coming up later in sports. i michelle marsh with late-breaking new developments on the latest obamacare repeal efforts. senator susan collins of maine became the third republican to not vote for the legislation. >> there are many problems in the affordable care act that need to be addressed. however, the gra
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is not the answer. decision cameins' after the cbo projected millions of americans would lose health insurance if the bill becomes law. [shouting] and this was the scene earlier today, a dramatic one before the hearing on the graham-cassidy bill. senators waited as capitol police grabbed up opponents of the measure, many of them disabled. capitol police say officers arrested 181 protesters. at the live desk, i michelle marsh. alison: developing now, prosecutors say that a former tennessee police officer arrested near the white house with a lot of weapons has a history of mental illness. timothy bates made a brief court appearance this afternoon. investigators say that bates
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claim to have a meeting with the secretary of defense and national defense minister. he has a hearing thursday. jonathan: a sprawling crowd, candles and hand to remember a young man who was shot to death in northeast last week. alison: the circumstances start with a robbery attempt ending death of kelly and his alleged attacker. he is being remembered as a promising student and kind young man. jay: by the hundreds, they came to northeast d.c. to remember kelly, including his elementary school crossing guard. >> that hurts me the most. i cried. i really cried. i cannot believe my baby gone. outrage filled the neighborhood aglow with sadness. >> when a 16-year-old loses his life i
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everybody should be outraged jay: last week, kelly, a standout student at lee, was walking home from college prep class when he fought act during an attempted robbery steps from his home. authorities say that kelly stabbed his attacker, gillis. gillis return fire. both young men died. >> how many people are sick and tired of losing our young people to gun violence? mcduffiecilman canyon expressed the indignation of the community reeling from the loss of its brightest star. >> he was the one who you knew would be somebody. at the scene of the emotional vigil, the councilman challenged everyone tonight to leave inspired by and to call this his year. jay korff, abc 7 news.
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killed in a car crash in clarksville this morning. this happened along route 32. officer barry eastman's car crossed the centerline and hit a tractor-trailer driving in the opposite direction. eastman was an officer with the third district and had been with the police department for just about four years. sharing suggestions on possible new names for jefferson davis highway. a year ago the alexandria city council voted to rename jefferson davis highway for stop the advisory group receiving several suggestions, including abraham lincoln, barack obama, and others. when alexandria resident suggested renaming the highway after former slaves. >> a narrative that has been going on especially since charlottesville is we are worried about losing the history, so i think this would be a good way to make sure the history stays in place and we are reminded of who the good people w
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jonathan: the next public hearing on the issue will happen sometime next month. still ahead -- netflix wants to make it easier for you to binge watch shows on an airplane. alison: a big move tonight. plus, we are tracking hurricane maria live from north carolina as some have been forced to evacuate the outer banks. jonathan: a horrible car crash in arlington and an army master sergeant in the right place at the right time to help. alison: and you may have watched the premiere of "the good doctor" on abc 7. tonight we sit down with the lead actor.
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alison: right now firefighters are battling a fast-moving brush fire in anaheim, california. cresfire has consumed 1500 a in just a few hours. this is massive. so far no reports of injuries but dozens of homes have been evacuated. jonathan: a bad crash in arlington sending two to the
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would have been worse if an army master sergeant was not in the right place at the right time. >> a gentleman helped me open the door and we pulled her out of the car. thank god, i was playing please don't let the car exploded. jonathan: a section of will reed drive was shut down for hours. the cause of the crash is under investigation. alison: he is a hero. a short time ago the much-anticipated premiere of the new medical drama "the good doctor," telling the story of a brilliant surgeon with autism as he struggles to fit into a traditional medical setting. ofis shattering stereotypes people with autism facing them on a daily basis. don't think it is necessarily representative of everyone, but at the same time hopefully everyone with differences and unique sways of experiencing the world will identify with some of this. alison: actor freddie highmore
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said he recognizes pulling a person with autism comes with a lot of response ability and he hopes to portray the character as authentically as possible. watch "the good doctor" right here every monday night on abc 7. jonathan: tonight come a special camp for kids who have suffered from severe burns. they are here in d.c. this week, talking, touring, in supporting each other. it's other than home, where i can express the way i am. >> even though you are down and everything, you still have to bounce back. is sponsoreds camp by the international association of firefighters. we continue to track the impact of hurricane maria as it tracks to the north. alison: hard to believe we are butl talking about maria, tonight many people had to evacuate the outer banks of
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jonathan: we are joined live from kill devil hills, north carolina, and what can you tell us now? any impact yet? reporter: we have already started to see a little bit of rain. we have seen wind gusts and we have also seen creativity, including the sign that says "maria blows." tuesday into wednesday is when we are expecting to see the biggest impact. officials are warning people to prepare. they say that wind speeds could be between 40 and 50 miles per hour with wind gusts near 60. they are encouraging people to tie down items and remain vigilant. further south on hatteras, a minotaur evacuation went into effect earlier today. we spoke with one woman here who is doing what she can. -- a mandatory evacuation in hatteras went into effect
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and everything, but that's about it. a direct hit is not expected on the outer banks, but the emergency officials are encouraging everyone to use caution. schools will be closed tomorrow. the big story around the dmv today, the daytime high temperature, 91 degrees at reagan national, about 15 degrees above average this time of year. here we are past 11:00 still hanging onto 77 downtown d.c., $75, 68 winchester. it feels more like he middle of august than the end of september. stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, clouds beginning to overspread the area mainly to the west of d.c., cannot rule out patchy fog tomorrow morning, but not amounting to a whole lot. no air travel delays.
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area, hurricane maria with wind around 80 miles per hour. the 11:00 update shows wind gust upwards of 100 miles per hour as it moves off to the north at about seven. wind gusts on the outer banks upwards of 40 to 60 miles per hour, beach erosion, strong rip currents. just amarva beaches, little beach erosion and the struggles of the win for ocean city, rehobeth, dewey beach, and bethany will be wednesday as the storm moves to the east. wind gusts in ocean city could be upwards of 40 miles per hour. the latest track, it becomes a tropical storm wednesday, taking a sharp turn to the right, to the east, then gradually fades with no impact, additional impact after thursday for the east coast. good news there. waking up, going to school tomorrow morning, going to war, the me
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60's. a mix of sun and clouds. the clouds wind out through the midday. highs a lot cooler tomorrow, only around 83 degrees. 7, 8 degrees cooler than this afternoon. the 10 day outlook, a nice day wednesday, thursday cold front coming little breezy, highs around 82. much cooler friday, only around 75. fest in fairfax county, highs around 73, nighttime lows of the low 50's. cool and comfortable. the end of next week, daytime highs of the 70's. got a little anxious with that. tonight, netflix once more flyers to been watch shows while in the sky. offerx says that it will its low broadband mobile technology to airline carriers next year, meaning cheap or
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jonathan: new video of a story we told you friday, this lieutenant making history. alison: she became the first female and officer in the u.s. marine corps. she does not want her name out there, she just wants to serve the country. jonathan: she completed the ruling 13-week course. now she joins the elite group and the history books. a big congratulations to her. alison: what a trailblazer. jonathan: talking about trailblazing, tons of stuff in
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to do with football. robert: josh norman was not the only d.c. athlete sounding off about president trump, and there was talk about basketball today. sports coming up.
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just telling you right now, the man is not welcome here in washington, d.c. he's not. he's not welcome, i can tell you that. norman that was josh after the game against the raiders, criticizing president trump. with media day, bradley beal had a chance to sound off. bradley: for you to come out and disrespect a whole sport, the whole world basically loves, and call people out by names, sob's and stuff like that, that is out-of-pocket to me. like, that's unacceptable. robert: believe it or not, there was talk of actual basketball. oklahoma city has formed a super team. houston has a different look. we know the situation with golden state. the wizards have
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wall, and that relationship is stronger than others. >> we love each other, we are brothers, we will compete. we will get on each other and talk junk from time to time, but that is our competitive nature. without us having are back and forth battles, we cannot be in the place we are. robert: the nationals had planned to activate bryce harper tonight in philly, but the l fielder woke up with flulike symptoms -- but the outfielder wo
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alison: final look at the warm weather? steve: you thought it was a little too hot today. robert: i do not like it. steve: nobody liked it. 83 is the high tomorrow, clouds because of maria. 86 thursday, a cold front friday.
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weekend, talking about the weekend, mid 70's.
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ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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>> we're talking to people about the new provisions for the graham/cassidy health care bill. has you or anyone you know ever used health care? >> not that i know of. >> dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- viola davis from "the good doctor," freddie highmore. celebrities read mean tweets. and music from grizzly bear. and now, also worth mentioning, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. that's very


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